5 Places you might be forgetting to apply sunscreen

Hey Diva,

No matter the weather forecast, you should never leave the house without applying a generous amount of sunscreen. Using sunscreen on the skin is an effective method of protecting the skin against the sun’s harmful rays, preventing wrinkles, sunburns and preventing skin cancer.

Although most of us know the importance sunscreens and use it regularly, there are some parts of the body that we might be missing out.

Here are some body parts you should be aware of the next time you want to apply your sunscreen;

. Behind the ear: When applying sunscreen on your face, make sure to include the ears. ( The ears are the third most common location for skin cancer).

. Lips: If putting sunscreen directly on your lips makes you uncomfortable, you should be on the look out for lip balms that have sunscreen the next time you are at the store.

. Eyelids: Use your fingers to dab drops of sunscreen on your eyelids. This would also help prevent the dark circle around the eye.

. Scalp: Your scalp deserves some sunscreen too especially if you have scanty hair! Gel based sunscreens are more effective to protect this part of the body.

. Top of your feet: Whenever we wear skin baring shoes, our feet faces the sun directly making it very vulnerable to the sun rays.

For best results, apply your sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out and re apply after every two hours.