Beauty Blenders, Brushes or Fingertips?

Applying make up products the right way is integral to achieving an overall flawless look. Hence, using the right tool cannot be overlooked. Overtime, there’s been various conflicting opinions about which tool best aids application; the beauty blenders, brushes or fingertips?

These reviews makes us question our decision to use a particular tool but, should this really be the case? The answer is, NOT ENTIRELY! There’s no general handbook on the precise tools to use for a particular product application. Make up artists and beauty influencers recommend tools based on their preference and how efficient they are at using a tool.

According to beauty lounge expert, “Beauty blenders are ideal for a flawless foundation, brushes for powder applications and fingers for products that need to be warmed up for a bit

Although we cannot argue that some tools give a better finish than the other, it is still essential to note that personal skill is also a major factor.

Brushes generally provide a more concentrated placement, beauty blenders a more blended placement and fingertips, a more controlled one.

Remember, applying make up is all about a little trial and error so you can experiment with all three techniques to see which gives you the best result!