Beauty Tips to help you slay at work

If you already know that looking good is good business, then you should know that looking good to work is even better business.
Because we know looking fab after rigorous hours of work, long meetings and rigid deadlines could be quite cumbersome, we’ve compiled some beauty tips to help you remain just as gorgeous all day.

1. Wash your face: Find an alcohol free face soap that works best for your skin type and wash face with lukewarm water to reduce face oil and remove dead skin cells. Dampen with a towel used only for your face for a radiant skin.

2. Moisturise: Every morning, use either a gel, lotion or cream moisturiser. This will help keep your skin hydrated all day and retain its elasticity.

3. Apply concealer: Dab a concealer that’s the exact shade of your skin on only dark and acne spots to achieve a flawless natural look. Do not use all over the face to avoid an oily look later in the day.

4. Use Blemish balm (BB): BB creams which are a combination of foundation, primer moisturiser and SPF is a great alternative for foundation. They mostly have a more matte finish hence, lasts longer.
(Although the BB cream already has moisturiser, it’s best to still apply moisturiser before using your BB cream) 

5. Highlight your eyes: Highlighting the eyes with a mascara and eye liner or kaj

al helps uplift your face and gives it a more glam look.
6. Apply a subtle colour on lips: Use a coloured balm or subtle lip stain. preferably matte for a longer stay that will complement your outfit.

Repeat this routine daily for a perennial and healthy glow all day!