Chic Ponytail Hairstyles

Hey Diva,

Are you tired of wearing the classic ponytail? Then you are in luck! We’ve compiled various chic and trendy ponytail styles just might be what you need to perfect your look this holiday.

From being the go to hairstyle for bad hair days, Ponytails have evolved to being high on the list for red carpets, weddings and even lit party turn ups. If you really want to revamp your classic ponytail, check out these collage of 2020 trendiest ponytail styles with a twist

Box braids, african weaves, braid designs and bubble weaves are also some styles that can be added to make your ponytail go from bland to regal

You can replicate any of these, switch colours or add your own twist. Whatever your preference, there is a ponytail for you

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