DIY: Stick on Nails

Not having enough time to go the salon for a manicure is no longer an excuse to not having beautiful nails. The stick on nails are now an excellent alternative of a fresh coat of polish.

The stick on nails also referred to as Press ons came as a solution to the issue of having to spend hours and hours at the nail technician’s place. Packed in different shapes, lengths, and nail designs, Stick ons only require glue and you are set to go. To ensure you’ve chosen the right nail, check the number on the back of the press-on; zero is the largest for your thumb and 11 is the smallest for your pinky finger.

Applying Stick-on Nails in 4 easy steps.

  1. Prepare your finger nails: push back your cuticles to remove excess skin, cleanse the nail with an alcohol to ensure there are no oils or dirt on fingers. This would help the stick on adhere to your finger nails better
  2. Get a glue or sticky tape: Depending on how long you want your nails to last, use a glue or sticky tapes (sometimes come with the kit) on your finger nails.
  3. Place Stick-on Nails on Finger: After measuring nail with finger to get the right size, bring the nail right up to your cuticle line and apply at a downward angle. Follow by applying pressure to the centre of the nail and pinching at both sides to solidify the glue or sticky tape.
  4. File Nails: While this may not be necessary, sometimes you might need to file your stick on nails so they are not so sharp around the edges or perhaps you want to alter the shape. Wait until after you’ve applied the entire set before you begin filing.

Removing Stick-ons are just as easy as fixing them. All you need do is simply dip fingers in warm water or a little oil, place an acetone-based remover in a small ceramic or glass dish and soak your nails for 10 minutes or use a glue remover.

While some stick on nails are single-use, most of them can be reused depending on how you remove them and care for them after its first use. A set of Stick-on kit usually has extra nails, so f you ever lose one, you can easily file an extra t your size and get back to the slay!

Check out more photos of different Stick-on designs