Gele styles for Owambe

Owambes are a delight to attend especially when you have a planned look you are looking forward to rocking! Picking out colours, accessories, make up looks and gele styles although stressful sometimes are part of the thrill. So let’s talk about the Head accessory bit and share some beautiful and trendy styles.

The traditional head gear popularly referred to as Gele in Nigeria is worn by women in Africa. In fact, calling it a right of initiation will not be an exaggeration. Although its origin is unclear, it has some very fascinating history. In 1960, they were styled to mimic the architecture of Nigeria and till date, its shapes are influenced by numerous exciting stories and events.

Rocking a traditional outfit without the gele can be correctly vetted as incomplete. The methods of production, fabric used and styling varies across and within countries. The asooke fabric is the most common essentially because it’s the easiest to style and its feel on the skin.

Here are some chic styles you can replicate for your next owambe.