Is the Bone Straight Hair on your wishlist?

There’s a new chic on the block!

Few months ago, bone straight weaves became a trend on the internet with numerous tweets and post tied to it. Now, we will not be wrong to call it the “hair of the season”.

If you don’t own one yet, you’re either one of two groups; you’ve heard so much about the hair and wondering, “what’s the noise about?” or you know some things about it and still gathering your coins.

Here’s what you need to know about the bone straight hair before you make that order.

Bone straight weaves are super lush, sleek, and very flat. It’s free and firm strands makes it tangle free and very easy to brush out. They cannot be curled or styled to achieve any form of waves.

There are 3 types of bone straight weaves;

Single Drawn: these have multiple lengths of hair mixed into extensions.

Double Drawn: these have same length of hair making it thicker and fuller than the single drawn

Super Double Drawn: This is the most expensive type of bone straight hair. Texture is more luxurious and gives the illusion of natural hair. As expected, it is also the most expensive.

The price of bone straights range from #200,000 to over #1,000,000. Depending on how you use and care for it, it can be reused for over 5 years.

If you are a lover of straight and sleek weaves, bone straights would be a great investment!