Knotless Braids; Everything you need to know!

Hey Divas,

Let’s talk about the new braids that has gradually become the new standard in protective styles. Knotless braids, also referred to as no-knot braids or feed in braids is a variation of braiding where the stylist starts with your hair and gradually adds the extension. It has been in existence since the early 2000’s but only recently became very popular when people discovered it had a lot of advantages over the usual box braids.

Knotless braids are generally less painful because of the feed in technique used and the absence of the knots on the scalp resulting in a plait that lies flat and isn’t as heavy on the head. They also provide easy access to your natural hair so that they can be cleaned and oiled regularly thereby preventing the usual dryness and hair breakage that comes with braids. They can be tweaked and made in different shapes and sizes to suit your preference but generally, the square shaped smaller sizes have a longer life span.

Although a bit more expensive because of the extra time and effort that goes into making them, Knotless braids are a better alternative if you want to rock your braids a little longer and still want a healthy hair afterwards.

So, if you’re thinking braids for the holiday, we strongly suggest that the Knotless braids be your go to!