Need to figure out what to wear to a Court Wedding?

Have you ever been invited to a court wedding and you are at loss for what to wear? Trying to find the safe line between over dressed and under dressed could be challenging. Well, we’ve been there too, figured it out and glad to help you put an end to that dilemma.

Although there are no ground rules for what to wear, it is ideal to err on the side of business casual (except if the couple specifies a dress code) since courthouses are public offices.

Ultimately, whatever you wear is entirely up to you and your personal style but there are some safe bets where courthouse wedding attire is concerned. Dresses or skirts, slacks, button-down shirts, business suits are generally some of the best options. Jeans and casual attires should be ruled out as it is still a wedding and you do not want to embarrass the couple…. You want to still make the event feel like a special occasion by wearing nice clothes.

Here are some appropriate ideas that guests can wear to a courthouse wedding.