Perks of Boob Tapes

We can all agree that wearing open-side garments, halter necklines, strapless, asymmetric necklines, open-side cloths, low backs, and swimming trunks became less stressful with the invention of boob tapes.

Boob tapes, professionally designed for human skin are adhesive tapes used in place of a brassiere. They are also used to secure the edges of a strapless dress or top to the cleavage or side of the breasts or on shoulders to secure bra straps from slipping, in order to keep clothes in place.

Since Kim Kardashian shared her secret tip around 2015 of using duct tapes tapes to pack her boobs firmly under strapless outfits, we’ve had a lot of bras discarded. Boob tapes stormed the market as an alternative to the painful duct tapes and an end to the era of bra straps sticking out & saggy boobs beneath outfits worn without brassieres.

Now, there are various types of techniques and tapes used; the surgical micropore tape and athletic tape. Some ladies use a strip of moleskin under the breasts with tape at the ends to hold it in place. Use of the wrong tapes (with too strong adhesive) can cause injuries such as rashes, blisters and skin being torn off.

Advantages of replacing your brassieres with a Boob Tape

  1. Boob tapes are the most suitable option for the plunge, backless, and low-cut dresses: you can conveniently use boob tapes to firmly hold your boobs beneath the outfits without fear of your boobs popping out.
  2. They are very reliable and accommodating: boob tapes provides a freedom that is lacking with other breast-covering products as they allow you to hold your breasts firm in any position you want them to be in your dress.
  3. Worn well, they are very comfortable: Unlike brassieres, boob tapes do not make your breast and chest feel caved in therefore preventing dull aches from long wears. You could literally tape your breasts to where you want them to be without having to worry about adjusting hooks or putting your hands in your dress to relieve your breasts from choking.
  4. You don’t have to worry about sizes: Asides keeping nipples well covered, boob tapes provide a solution to the problem of hunting for your perfect size. All you need do is cut out the length you need in a row and place over your boobs.
  5. They stay more hidden than brassieres, tubes and camis: Boob tapes give you control over what parts of your breasts you want to reveal. Bra strap lines and cups showing underneath outfits can be completely eliminated if you swap a bra for a boob tape.
  6. They are perfect for breasts lifts and firm cleavages: Boob tapes gives you the flexibility to hold breasts together under outfits whilst still retaining the bounce.

Although using boob tapes may seem like a no-brainer, it is pertinent to note that they might seem uncomfortable for a first time user but once you have mastered the techniques, you just might be saying goodbyes to your bras for good.